David Wright
About David Wright Another year, a new guitar, and an updated site presenting a new image for a new year.  As before, David is proud to have you visit and wants you to share with him as he moves on to new beginnings!

As many of you are aware, David has been on the cutting edge of pedal steel guitar technology for some time with his unique Carbon-Fiber Body 12 String Universal B flat tuning. David is the son of Chuck Wright who owned and developed the Sierra Pedal Steel Guitar and Wright Custom Guitars. With a background in pedal steel guitars starting with shirt tail training from his father, he cut his teeth on pedal steel guitar and has developed a distinctive style and technique. Endorsed by MSA as a demo artist and advisor, MSA has been proud to produce the first production designed Carbon-Fiber Body Guitars, the guitar of choice for David.

David has new pictures, music, courseware and more to meet your specific needs. Enjoy the visit, view the memories David has made, come back often, and please feel free to email your questions to wrighthd@att.net.

2010 Texas Steel Player of the Year